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New, and horrible!

Being a procrastinator is the GREATEST, I have so much fun at the end of the semester! Not ONLY do I get to do an entire semester's worth of work in the last few weeks, I ALSO have the final projects that we were supposed to be working on all semester! GO ME! I rock!

Actually though, I have been INCREDIBLY productive (for me that is) in the last week or so. Lets take a look, shall we?

+ Theory and Method - Waiting for the Barbarians Essay (6-8) - Turned in 6 days late
+ Global Warming - Weart Paper (4-6) - Due: FEBRUARY(!) 11th (yes, thats right, FEBRUARY!)
+ Global Warming - IPCC Report Paper (4-6) - Due: March 4th
+ Global Warming - Read Boiling Point - Finished 2 weeks after the class was done reading it, but before the paper was due!
+ Sources of the Self - Plato's self-mastery paper (4) - Due April first - Finished TODAY (17 days late, yessiree)
+ Cultural Politics of Sexuality - Essay on class topic/article (10) - Due: March 4th
+ Cultural Politics of Sexuality - Abstract for Final Project (1) - March 15th [I am going to turn in my "abstract" with my presentation, effectively writing my abstract after I've already done all of the research and preparation for the project]
+ Sources of the Self - Read St. Augustine's: "In Interiore Homine" (15) - Due: Two weeks ago?
+ Sources of the Self - Read Descartes: "Disengaged Reason" (15) - Due: Last week?

Regular Semester Work
+ Global Warming - Boiling Point Essay (4-6) - Finished a mere 8 HOURS late (QUITE and accomplishment)
+ Global Warming - Read Meltdown - Should have, you know, at least STARTED reading the book the day before my presentation was due, got it done thou!
+ Global Warming - Meltdown Presentation - Actually showed up for class, boo-ya!
+ Global Warming - Meltdown write-up - Finished ON TIME!! What What?! [Ohhhh, - 50 pts for sleeping through class! Boo!]
+ Global Warming - Exercise 5: Ecological Footprint - Due TOMORROW, heeeelll YEAH, bitches, ALREADY DONE!
+ Sources of the Self - Plato vs. Augustine Essay (4) - Due: Tuesday 4/19 [Yea, the same day of my massive, non-existant presentation]

Final Project type work
+ Theory and Method - Final Project abstract on Lila Abu-Lughod - 7 hours late (no big deal, just submitted online) [+100 bonus points! Molly emailed me telling me what a great job I did on my abstract and how she cannot wait to see my presentation/write my paper]
+ Theory and Method - Read Dramas of Nationhood: The Politics of Television in Egypt by Lila Abu-Lughod (245) - Due: Present Wed 4/20
+ Theory and Method - Presentation on my final project on Abu-Lughod (15 mins) - Due: Wed 4/20
+ Theory and Method - Research project final paper on Abu-Lughod - Due: Monday 5/4 @ Noon
+ Cultural Politics of Sexuality - Final Project Presentation (30-45 mins) - Due: Tuesday 4/19 @ 3 pm [Yeah, that would be in 2 days. I don't even know what topic I'm researching...]
+ Cultural Politics of Sexuality - Final Project Essay (12-15) - Due: Thursday 4/28
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