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Putting off leaving my husband

I have been putting off leaving my husband. I keep hoping something will change. A friend keeps telling me that any day now, he will pull out of this and realize what he is messing up. I love my in-laws so much and that is the only reason I am still here. Can I get them in the divorce? Even they have tried to get him to get some help, medication or whatever to quit being an asshole!

Well, I have thought of leaving for the last 5 years. The last year, I have really been looking for a place to live but every time I think I have found a place, something comes up. This time his grandmother passed away (this week).

I realized that I have procrastinated so much in this decision, and even if I did find a place to live, I am not ready to move out. Damn we have so much stuff and this is a huge house. So, I am making a commitment to go through this stuff, clean out closets, throw away crap and get prepared to MOVE should I decide to do so.

I have been bringing home boxes from work.... its time to start filling those suckers up!
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