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My first post here!

For some years i've known i have a problem with studying. It's really a matter of procrastination, because once i start, no one stops me!
I do everything but studying even thought it brings a lot of problems. But it's like a force bigger than me!

It works for me getting out of the house and going to some library. But here in Portugal, the libraries are closed on weekends (some are open saturday morning which doesn't help much) and have strange closing hours like 5 or 6 PM. I like to study at night so that's a big problem. And on weekends that's when we students have more free time to study! I don't get it why we're supposed to study at our homes :/ But that's a different issue.

Anyhow. Anybody with the same procrastination problem with studying? I thought i might find a study buddy or something (online, off course). I even thought of creating a community about that, i don't know...

Thanks for the help in advance
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