helenatroy (helenatroy) wrote in doitnow,

First post

hello - I was looking for communities about self-employment and i found 'doitnow. I've started working towards being self-employed, and I have a real weakness about being self-directed. I'm also having a hard time with my 'sensible mind' not wanting to go with the things that I like to do as a business, so even as my plans about setting up my own business get more realistic, I still keep choosing the thing that makes sense, rather than the thing that would really make me feel satisfied, and be more fun (making $$ from my creativity) as opposed to doing something like computer consulting. I guess I feel like "Well, you don't need TALENT to do computer stuff".

Are there any self-employed people on this community? anybody working towards it? Also, are there any writers, musicians, artists etc who have procrastination issues about their art?
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