ifiwerethesky (ifiwerethesky) wrote in doitnow,

I'll give this a shot.

New here. Hi.

Goals for this week / Excuses
*Run in the morning / It's early and I'm tired.
*Practice oboe everyday / I can't get myself to just start
*Write papers / It's not school yet, I'll do it later
*Sew a shirt / I have to START!
*Crochet something / I can't find a pattern

Why the excuses suck:
*When else are you going to run? You feel so much better when you do
*You LIKE to play, just start and you'll do it.
*You had the articles in MAY. Now write the papers.
*Sewing is fun, and you'll probably place in the competition if you enter one. Do it.
*Just pick one and go!
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